Whether you’re repairing or replacing your damaged wheels, Alloy Wheel Solutions, Inc. provides quality services that will save you money. Proudly approaching 100,000 wheels repaired, we are Northern Virginia’s most experienced and comprehensive wheel repair company.

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Why Do Wheel Repair???

The only thing protecting you and your vehicle from the road are your wheels and tires. When you see abrasions on alloy wheels you are looking at bare aluminum.  Aesthetics aside, over time bare aluminum will oxidize in normal driving conditions and in the winter months when salt hits the road, the corrosion process is dramatically increased. Cleaning your wheels with chemicals will also speed up this process eventually damaging the wheel’s finish. If you wouldn’t use the product on the body of your vehicle, you shouldn’t put it on your wheels.

Bent wheels, when not repaired may eventually cause a number of problems. Every time the flat spot hits the pavement as the wheel turns (700 times in one mile for the average wheel and tire) the car jerks. This can lead to problems with alignment, ball joints, rotors, tie rods, and bearings.  It will also cause uneven wear to tires.

Alloy Wheel Solutions, Inc.  is a full service wheel repair company. In business for 10 years and with over 85,000 wheels repaired, we have the expertise and experience!

Alloy Wheel Solutions, Inc. – Wheels Done Right… The First Time ™

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